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About Us:
Nottingham School of Samba is a non-profit organisation of individuals who enjoy coming together to play Brazilian percussion. No-one makes any money from NSoS (Not even the people who run it!). We spend our time practising the pieces we play, learning new pieces, developing our technique and then combining all that to go out and perform for your enjoyment!

Nottingham School of Samba is over 20 years old now! And, as far as we know, it is the second longest running Samba band in the UK! Lots of the initial history of the band is lost to those that had previously run it (if you know of any or would like a mention then email in at

Who exactly started NSoS is gone but in terms of leaders there have been, in chronological order; Mat and Tom, then Matt, Adam and Ceri and now there is Mat (That is actually 3 different Mats!)

Throughout the years NSoS has done many, many performances. These have inluded: Carnivals, Nightclubs, Weddings, Festivals, Openings, Running Events, House Parties, in fact pretty much any event you can think of we have done!

Who Runs NSoS?
Nottingham School of Samba is lead by a team of people. Most of the teaching comes from Mat but this could not be done without the help of Jonathan (bookings), Neil (membership), Ken (finances), plus many more!

More On Mat:
Mat first started playing samba when he was an early teenager but had to stop to concentrate on GCSEs/ A-Levels/ Degrees. He then started again in 2008 as a band member in Calidoscopio and Soon joined NSoS not long after. He is proficient in all Brazilian instruments and gives up his time to teach others how to play.


As well as being taught by the leaders of those bands he has also been tutored by known UK based Brazilian percussion experts including Adam Watkins, Leon Patel, Holly Prest and JP Courtney as well as 'the grand father' of UK Samba Dudu Tucci. He has played alongside Popular Brazilian bands of Monobloco and Sargento Pimenta. His most prestigeous performance to date would be being part of the London 2012 Olympic celebrations.

More On Ella:
Ella first became involved with samba as a toddler, playing in workshops and carnivals with the Nottingham School of Samba after it had recently been founded. This lead to a deep-seated passion for drumming, and after many years of focussing on education (and kit drumming), in 2009 got involved in the UK samba scene once more via bands such as Calidoscopio, Nova Guarda, Rio Lapa Londres and of course the Nottingham School of Samba.


In recent years Ella has attended workshops and residential weekends from a variety of prestigious UK mestres in many different styles of Brazilian percussion, ranging from folkloric hand drumming to Rio-style samba. Her passion now lies in passing on her knowledge of Brazilian percussion to others through practice sessions, workshops and residential courses. Ella’s favourite performance to date is playing alongside Bloco do Sargento Pimenta and Monobloco in the 2012 London Olympic celebrations.

Anything Else?
Nottingham School of Samba has had regular Brazilian Mestres over to pass on their experience. We have close ties with local Capoeira groups in Nottingham and Derby. We regularly perform with dancers from ABC Dance School and Solar Samba, and have even joined alongside Calidoscopio and Samba Cultura to form Samba Tres Cidades.